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    Redundante toetsenborden: een combinatie van twee fijne ClickTouch-technologieën

    Zoals u wellicht weet, zijn membraantoetsenborden een van onze vele sterke punten. Door de jaren heen hebben we altijd geprobeerd om verschillende technologieën te integreren in de oplossingen die we onze klanten bieden. Omdat we die technologieën zelf ontwikkelen, is dat gemakkelijker voor ons. Het combineren van twee technologieën is precies wat we deden voor een wereldleider in de productie van mobiele kranen en torenkranen met de ontwikkeling van een module voor een bluetooth-afstandsbediening voor mobiele kranen.

    Betrouwbare achtergrondverlichting: Chasm helpt ons de kloof te overbruggen

    Voor sommige producten kan achtergrondverlichting een interessante optie zijn, hetzij uit noodzaak of simpelweg vanwege esthetiek. Wat de reden ook is, ClickTouch kan u helpen. Nu nog betrouwbaarder dan voorheen. Dat komt omdat Chasm, een vertrouwde partner van ClickTouch, onlangs een Carbon Nanotube-inkt heeft ontwikkeld die zich perfect leent voor touch-interfaces met achtergrondverlichting.

    Frameless touch interface, technology hidden from sight

    Imagine a sleek, elegant surface in glass that can be used as a touch screen. No wires or electronics are visible anywhere on the screen, just the controls you want when you need them. How can this be done? Simple, just like a magician who performs a magic trick.

    Customer feedback Prolicht AG

    We always appreciate a heartfelt compliment from a satisfied partner.

    Read here what PROLICHT had to say about our services.

    ClickTouch Accelerates Next Generation Appliance UX Design Joining CHASM Advanced Materials Partner Program

    Transparent And Flexible CNT (Carbon Nano Tube) Hybrid Material Will Be Used To Invisibly Add Intuitive User Experiences To Any Surface

    Technology that suits your needs

    The last few years, technology has found more and more ways to make our day-to-day lives easier and more comfortable. As new features and applications are discovered and developed, we can find more and more ways to adapt technology to the shape and comfort of use that we expect from it. ClickTouch technology is fully ready to fulfil the requirements its end users have.

    Watch the "Designing Next Gen Touch Interfaces" webinar by ClickTouch and CHASM

    Missed our webinar on November 17th focused on "Designing Next Gen Touch Interfaces"?  Watch it here on-demand! The webinar takes a specific look at current trends in interface design and manufacturing as well as a look at what materials enable next generation features such as touch buttons on curved surfaces. 

    Safety above all

    When you are working in challenging and demanding circumstances, you need to be able to fully rely on the products and the technology that you use. This technology, in turn, needs to offer you the safety features that are needed because, otherwise, an unintended action could have far stretching consequences. ClickTouch can offer you these safety features, ready to be implemented into vital technology.

    3M exiting Touch business

    3M recently announced that they are leaving the Touch Screen business and 3M Touch products have been made end of life.

    Trust your intuition with capacitive technology

    Imagine, a shower tap that you can operate just like the screen on your phone. Capacitive technology is all around us, we find it on our mobile phones, tablets, kitchen appliances and in our cars. Why? Because operating a touch screen is one the most intuitive acts possible. After all, mankind has always found ways to work effectively with our hands.


    ClickTouch supports the medical world in the fight against COVID 19 by optimally supporting our customers with their urgent request.

    Redundant ClickTouch Dome

    Heavy duty construction applications requires the highest level of security ans safety.

    Discover our solution for this market!


    A well-known producer of tailor-made communication solutions for public transportation, TRANZCOM, had a request to develop a complete product in a very short time. They were looking for a partner who takes care of the entire process from A to Z.  ClickTouch was able to convince them!

    Double & Triple Click Touch

    Integrating additional functions into your product with different key levels.

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