Frameless touch interface, technology hidden from sight

    Imagine a sleek, elegant surface in glass that can be used as a touch screen. No wires or electronics are visible anywhere on the screen, just the controls you want when you need them. How can this be done? Simple, just like a magician who performs a magic trick.

    What’s the trick?

    There are two parts. First, we show you a normal, ordinary object. Think of an extractor hood with a glass cage attached to it to gather the smoke and fumes generated by cooking. Then, we make this object – in this case, the glass cage – do something out of the ordinary. Indeed, we switch on the extractor hood making one of the glass panels of the cage light up and display the control features. At first sight, this seems impossible because all you can see is glass and no wiring.

    Off course, as with a magic trick, you’ll want to know how it all works. And although the fun sometimes is in not knowing, we’ll tell you just this once. One of the panels of the glass cage has been fitted with a conductive layer. That layer, in turn, is connected to the electronics and the circuit board via the top end of the glass plate. All of the electronics needed to operate the system are fitted out of sight, hence the concept “frameless touch interface”.


    Frameless touch interface

    Obviously, frameless touch interface or transparent touch is suitable for many more applications. Think of more heavy-duty surroundings such as construction or the day-to-day encounter with a certain part of a shop window. Basically, our frameless touch interface offers you an area where you can create interaction with potential customers when they haven’t even entered your store yet.

    This technology offers you many things that a modern situation can require. Sleek design because of the smooth surface of the glass and 100% transparency because you’re working on glass. At ClickTouch, we’re not just here to create – although we do that very well -, we’re also there to inspire and to let people think about different ways to use established technology. Just like a magic trick, we hope that our frameless touch interface can inspire you! Check this video for a quick demo.

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