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    Frameless touch interface, technology hidden from sight

    Imagine a sleek, elegant surface in glass that can be used as a touch screen. No wires or electronics are visible anywhere on the screen, just the controls you want when you need them. How can this be done? Simple, just like a magician who performs a magic trick.

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    Technology that suits your needs

    The last few years, technology has found more and more ways to make our day-to-day lives easier and more comfortable. As new features and applications are discovered and developed, we can find more and more ways to adapt technology to the shape and comfort of use that we expect from it. ClickTouch technology is fully ready to fulfil the requirements its end users have.

    Watch the "Designing Next Gen Touch Interfaces" webinar by ClickTouch and CHASM

    Missed our webinar on November 17th focused on "Designing Next Gen Touch Interfaces"?  Watch it here on-demand! The webinar takes a specific look at current trends in interface design and manufacturing as well as a look at what materials enable next generation features such as touch buttons on curved surfaces. 

    Safety above all

    When you are working in challenging and demanding circumstances, you need to be able to fully rely on the products and the technology that you use. This technology, in turn, needs to offer you the safety features that are needed because, otherwise, an unintended action could have far stretching consequences. ClickTouch can offer you these safety features, ready to be implemented into vital technology.

    3M exiting Touch business

    3M a récemment annoncé qu'ils quittaient l'activité des écrans tactiles et que les produits 3M Touch sont en fin de vie.

    Trust your intuition with capacitive technology

    Imagine, a shower tap that you can operate just like the screen on your phone. Capacitive technology is all around us, we find it on our mobile phones, tablets, kitchen appliances and in our cars. Why? Because operating a touch screen is one the most intuitive acts possible. After all, mankind has always found ways to work effectively with our hands.


    ClickTouch soutient le monde médical dans la lutte contre le COVID-19 en accompagnant de manière optimale nos clients dans leur demande urgente.

    Dôme ClickTouch redondant

    Les applications de construction résistantes nécessitent le plus haut niveau de sécurité et de sûreté.

    Découvrez notre solution pour ce marché!

    One-Stop-Shop OSS

    Un producteur bien connu de solutions de communication sur mesure pour les transports publics, TRANZCOM, avait une demande pour développer un produit complet en très peu de temps. Ils recherchaient un partenaire qui s'occupe de l'ensemble du processus de A à Z. ClickTouch a su les convaincre!

    Double & Triple Click Touch

    Intégrer des fonctions supplémentaires dans votre produit avec différents niveaux clés.

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