A waterproof touchscreen? ClickTouch has the right technology


    Imagine yourself standing in the pouring rain at a parking metre that’s operated by a touchscreen. Rain is dripping down the display making it hard to operate the system; impressions aren’t fully registered or even the entire system is down due to too much water running over the screen rendering it useless. Indeed, capacitive touch and water are not the best of friends.


    At ClickTouch, though, we have developed a solution that will allow the operation of capacitive touchscreens in the most humid of conditions. As a consequence, there is no need to wipe the water away or to worry about water resistance since you have a waterproof touchscreen. Whatever the circumstances you need your application to operate in, we have the right technology to ensure full operational reliability.

    Aqua Touch: the solution for a waterproof touchscreen


    Our Aqua Touch technology is the perfect fit for any appliance or application that is exposed to water on a regular basis. Even with water pouring down the screen, our technology offers a smooth operation and guarantees a quick response. As such, with this solution, we have found a way to create a waterproof touchscreen, for instance, that can be used in any circumstance at any time.


    The video below provides you with an excellent overview of Aqua Touch’s advantages and strong points. Have you been convinced? Get in touch and together we’ll work out a solution tailored to your needs.

    Have you been inspired? Get in touch and we’ll work out a solution together.

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