A hygienic, waterproof keyboard? ClickTouch has the solution


    Every day millions of people around the world use keyboards both at work and in their private lives. Most of those keyboards are the conventional ones that you connect to your computer to go about your business. But what if the circumstances are a bit more demanding? What if you work in, let’s say, the food industry and you need a waterproof keyboard that is easy to clean? What if you need a hygienic, waterproof keyboard that can have any set-up you want: either the conventional qwerty or azerty set-up or a certain set of symbols? For those needs, ClickTouch is here to help.


    Hygiene above all


    Imagine the production environment in the food or medical industry. The foremost criterion in such places is obviously hygiene. Therefore, every single person working there must fulfil the strictest of hygiene measures but so must the equipment. Indeed, it is of vital importance that the tools used to operate that equipment (the keyboards and screens) can withstand humidity as well as thorough cleaning methods. As such, conventional keyboards would be no good as small particles could make their way into them and would be very difficult to remove.


    That’s why you need a smooth surface that is operated through capacitive technology. Such a device has multiple advantages. First there is hygiene. Because it is one level surface, cleaning only takes a few seconds. Second, because you’re not necessarily bound to the layout of a conventional keyboard, there are more possibilities for the device’s usage. For instance, let’s say you don’t require the usual qwerty or azerty configuration and prefer to work with symbols instead, or a combination of letters and symbols, that’s entirely possible. Would you like to integrate a touchpad? We can provide that as well. At ClickTouch, we design the exact solution that suits your needs the best.

    A full waterproof keyboard


    To clean equipment used in the food industry and medical environments, a lot of water is used, often through high-pressure cleaners. As a consequence, ensuring that touchscreens and keyboards withstand both the water and the pressure is no easy feat. Luckily, ClickTouch is the ideal partner to develop a waterproof keyboard for industrial applications. Our technology reaches the IP67 standard, making it as good as completely waterproof. For different waterproof solutions, be sure to check our Aquatouch technology.

    An antibacterial coating if needed


    What if the standard excellent hygienic and waterproof capabilities of our keyboards are not enough? After all, there are a fair share of appliances that are used in high-risk settings where both bacteria and viruses circulate at a high pace. In such cases, ClickTouch can also help you. Thanks to the antimicrobial films developed by a close partner of ours, we can deliver an HMI of which we guarantee that it will not spread bacteria or allow viruses to find a host. These films are UV-cured to ensure durability and are resistant to even the most vigorous cleaning techniques. On top of that, the films we apply to our HMI’s technology disrupt vital life processes and biological functions of bacteria. That means they cannot reproduce and spread.

    Are you looking for a waterproof keyboard that has to respond to your specific demands? Get in touch and we’ll work out a solution together.


    Have you been inspired? Get in touch and we’ll work out a solution tailored to your needs.

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