UniCTouch brings new possibilities to consumer electronics

    The demands on the design of consumer goods are increasing. Electronic goods for home usage have also been following this trend for some time. Kitchen appliances, AV access systems, control panels for HVAC-installations… all need to combine good functionality with a sleek design.

    Today, there are a few possibilities to create touch solutions in materials other than glass, but these have their limitations.
    Applications with mechanical switches may offer sufficient robustness, but the space for the buttons has to be milled out of metal, mechanical buttons must be implemented and a flat surface is required.

    UniCTouch offers a great alternative for these solutions, with more possibilities and less cost.

    UniCTouch can be applied behind almost any kind of overlay material: metal, wood, stainless steel, gold, cork…

    It is a capacitive technology, which implies that you can read out almost every IC with fairly standard electronics and that the operation can be done through a wide range of input devices: keys, wheel functions, touchpad, slider…

    This offers great advantages, such as the possibility to put a backlight behind the touch panel or have a curved design of the front panel.
    In utilization it offers sufficient advantages as well: only light pressure is needed so there are never issues with humidity, operation through gloves or other environmental circumstances. Moreover, UniCTouch only reacts on swift changes (pressure), not on slow changes such as temperature fluctuations.


    For product engineers, it is advantageous that it is not always necessary to apply a backplate for support or counter pressure, and that a uniform distance between electrodes is not required. This allows greater flexibility in product design and simple production integration. You basically glue a sticker on the back of the front plate and no further calibration is needed.

    UniCTouch truly combines all these advantages with a lower cost of ownership for your applications. Have a talk with one of our representatives to find out how we can help you develop that unique looking touch with UniCTouch.

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