TwoTouch Redundant Technology making progress

    At ClickTouch, we take great pride in the innovative technologies we develop. After all, the fact that they are used in high-precision environments means that our clients are very confident about them. One of the innovations we are very excited about is our TwoTouch technology.

    How does TwoTouch work?

    For many years, capacitive touchscreens have been well-established in industrial and medical fields as they have made the lives of their users much easier. Capacitive touchscreens, however, have one significant drawback: they are prone to unintentional activation of the touchscreen because of minimal, unintended pressure, heavy fluctuations in temperature or close proximity of a conductive object. The unintentional activation, in turn, could have serious consequences.

    To address this problem, ClickTouch has developed a solution: TwoTouch Redundant Technology. Simply said, a second resistive touchscreen is added underneath a conventional capacitive touchscreen. If an operator wants a certain action to take place, a touch has to be registered by each screen separately as well as verified by both decoders of them. In other words, redundancy is created meaning that only fully intentional activations will be registered.

    Ramping up production

    TwoTouch being a relatively young technology, we have recently finalised the first serial run of TwoTouch touchscreens. Thanks to extensive research we can build touchscreens with this innovative redundant technology in any dimension. What’s more, touchscreens operating with TwoTouch technology have the possibility of multitouch. That means several activations at once (for zooming in and out, for instance) are possible.

    TwoTouch: A universal tool

    So what are the environments in which TwoTouch technology will make the difference? A pertinent example can be found the military field. Following two fatal accidents, the US Navy decided against using touchscreens to operate their vessels. Nevertheless, capacitive technology with a built-in safety feature, such as TwoTouch, could be an option worth considering as it eliminates the risk of accidental activations, whilst keeping the operating comfort of capacitive touch screens.

    Aside from military, TwoTouch is also a great aid for medical applications in which a single droplet running down the screen could have serious consequences. Finally, imagine machinery that has to carry heavy loads high above people’s heads. Any unintended activation might have great repercussions.

    Watching our own technologies evolve and play an important part in vital applications gives us the confirmation that we’re on the right track. Are you interested to find out how ClickTouch can help you? Get in touch and we’ll work out a solution together.

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