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    Personalised digital printing thanks to ClickTouch

    What’s the key to offering a great customer service? Surely, personalisation must be among the top answers. After all, personalising the way in which you deal with customers makes them feel more appreciated. In a world that’s becoming ever more globalised, leaving your personal mark is important to stand out. Luckily, ClickTouch can help with that as well.

    UniCTouch brings new possibilities to consumer electronics

    Today, there are a few possibilities to create touch solutions in materials other than glass, but these have their limitations. Applications with mechanical switches may offer sufficient robustness, but the space for the buttons has to be milled out of metal, mechanical buttons must be implemented and a flat surface is required. UniCTouch offers a great alternative for these solutions, with more possibilities and less cost.

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      Legen Heirweg 37,
      9890 Gavere, Belgium
      +32 9 384 73 73 info@clicktouch.eu

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      Size Ratio Dimensions Drawing Datasheet
      4.3" 16:9 Foil: 111mm x 74,62mm File
      5.7" 4:3 Foil: 134mm x 112,62mm File
      7" Left 16:9 Foil: 165,64mm x 110,01mm File
      7" Right 16:9 Foil: 165,64mm x 110,01mm File
      10.1" 4:3 Active Area: 217,96mm x 136,60mm File File
      10.4" 4:3 Active Area: 213,20mm x 160,40mm File File
      10.4" 4:3 Foil: 245,25mm x 203,99mm File
      12.1" 4:3 Active Area: 246mm x 184,50mm File File
      12.1" 4:3 Foil: 278mm x 220,20mm File
      15 4:3 Active Area: 305mm x 229,01mm File File
      15" 4:3 Foil: 328,53mm x 261,09mm File
      15.6" 4:3 Active Area: 344mm x 194mm File File
      17" 4:3 Active Area: 338,92mm x 271,34mm File File
      17.3" 16:9 Active Area: 383mm x 216mm File File
      18.5" 16:9 Active Area: 410,80mm x 231,40mm File File
      19" 4:3 Active Area: 377,32mm x 302,06mm File File
      19" 16:10 Foil: 431mm x 288,5mm File
      19.5" 16:9 Active Area: 434,92mm x 237,34mm File File
      21.5" 16:9 Active Area: 478mm x 269,80mm File File
      23.1" 16:9 Active Area: 511,18mm x 288,42mm File File
      23.6" 16:9 Active Area: 525,50mm x 297mm File File
      24" 16:9 Active Area: 533,70mm x 300,70mm File File
      27" 16:9 Active Area: 598mm x 336mm File File
      32" 16:9 Active Area: 698,70mm x 393,30mm File File
      42" 16:9 Active Area: 930,20mm x 524,20mm File File
      55" 16:9 File File
      65" 16:9 File

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