UniCTouch® – UCT

    UniCTouch® or Universal Capacitive Touch stands for capacitive operation (keys, slider, wheel functions and touchpad) through every conceivable type of overlay and toplayer: metal, stainless steel, wood, cork, gold, glass, …!

    The name “Universal Capacitive Touch” indicates that the customer has design freedom to bring a highly innovative product to the market!


    Compared to other technologies, such as Piezo and inductive sensors, uniCTouch® has no limitations and offers more possibilities:

    • Capacitive sensor for any type of material
    • Cost effective
    • Innovative design and detection
    • Possibility of curved overlays
    • Vandalproof
    • Easy mounting & electronics
    • Possibility of backlighting
    • Sealed user interface
    • Reliable & durable
    • EMI / EMC protection

    The uniCTouch® principle:

    A capacitive system detects the movement of the overlay as the distance between the two electrodes becomes shorter. This results in an increase in capacity. We can change the actuation force by playing with the mechanical design and software. A strong backing plate behind the uniCTouch layer (can be any kind of material) is recommended.

    Stylish appearance

    Metal and stainless steel are already widely used in your products. We now offer you the option to extend your metal surface to your control interface! You can have different input types: keys, sliders, wheel and touchpad.
    The design possibilities are endless!

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