Touchscreen & Keys

    A touchscreen is one of the easiest to use, versatile and most intuitive of all user interfaces. At Clicktouch we define the resistive and capacitive technology, which are the most appropriate and reliable technologies for industrial, military, POS, medical and household equipment.

    Since we started to implement the first resistive touch detection in the early 90’s we quickly discovered that the thin flexible overlay had its limitations in harsh environments. As this technology can also offer advantages in certain circumstances, it is still used today. However, this has become marginal in relation to the use of capacitive technology.

    Back in 2000 we developed and produced the world-wide first capacitive touch screen for industrial use in mass production. Next to the rigid overlay material that has an improved resistance to mechanical impact and better optical performance, this new technology brought extended possibilities. The correct position detection of more than one finger simultaneously brought us amongst other things as the on screen zoom function.

    We sensed the need to develop our capacitive technology further because the need was present. We wanted this technology to be accessible to several markets and keep the “time to market” as short as possible.

    Clicktouch offers:

    • Custom resistive touchscreens
    • Custom capacitive key control panels with various plastics, glass and even metal as overlay material
    • Custom capacitive touchscreens with customized glass or plastic front material with, if needed, maximum thickness to meet the most specific needs.
    • Standard touch screens, based on standard display dimensions

    Design, development, production and quality control takes place at our headquarters in Belgium. In addition, we distinguish ourselves in the market by the possibilities of our own production facility in the Far East. Because of this we control the entire process from early design to the serial production.


    Our long-time experience with the most reputable semiconductor manufacturers enables us to offer local support with custom software and guide you to the integration of the designated IC onto your PCB. If the PCAP chip is preferred on the connection tail (COF or COT), this is also a choice you can make. The communication protocol can also be chosen, such as I2C, SPI, USB, UART, etc.

    To reduce your supply chain Clicktouch also offers a complete solution with the integration of your control into the housing, carrier plate, mounting frame or optical bonding of the display.

    Thanks to this thorough tailor-made approach, we guarantee that your touch screen remains a reliable HMI in all circumstances. Even when the user wears gloves (up to thick fire fighter gloves) or when a constant spray of most fluids (also salt water), the Clicktouch touch application never fails.


    From the most harsh industrial environments, with its severe standards to most critical surgical precision applications, your Clicktouch control is always your most trustworthy interface companion!

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