Various Key Functions

    By combining different technologies, such as a ClickTouch Dome, ClickTouch Force Sensing or Metal Domes, we can integrate multiple functions simultaneously in one keyboard.


    Redundant keyboard

    By combining our ClickTouch dome and a Force Sensor (CFS), ClickTouch can provide a double closed circuit necessary for your critical and security applications.

    Double Click Keyboard

    We can offer you keys with a double function. With a first normal press, the operator activates the first circuit and associated function. When pressing harder, a second, underlying connection is made to another function, with or without a corresponding click.


    Triple Key

    Triple key is a combination of a ClickTouch Dome, Metal Dome and Force sensing. Different stack-ups, with their own functions, are possible.

    A first soft ClickTouch Dome makes the operator aware that he has launched an action. Then we have, through a force sensor, a certain operating range, for example to regulate a speed. Finally a Metal Dome that indicates that one is at the end of the range.

    In another stack-up one can generate a redundant “double click” system. A pressure sensor is mounted under a traditional double click to validate the circuit and make it “redundant”.

    More about double and triple touch here.