ClickTouch Dome

    With ClickTouch technology we bring together never seen aesthetics, great tactile feedback, durability and reliability. Often described as incredibly simple and functional.


    The combination of a thermoformed polyester overlay with our unique V-groove provides longer travel and a contact jump that is significantly better than the industry standard. The longer travel provides improved tactile feedback resulting in a perfect interaction between user and interface.

    Wires are printed on polyester substrates with special silver, carbon and insulation inks. Additional oxidation protection is provided by overprinting with carbon or “Chemfight” and using anisotropic conductive ink.

    A ClickTouch dome maintains essentially the same organic performance as the standard mechanical push button, but offers a number of advantages over conventional membrane switches with metal domes:

    • Improved tactile feedback
    • Clear click feeling
    • Durability and reliability
    • Dust, water, chemical and scratch resistant
    • Guaranteed 6 million impressions
    • Easy backlight integration
    • Secret until lit possibilities
    • Wide range of implementation options:
      • Round, square, oval or rectangular keys
      • Up to a diameter of 35 mm
      • Various activation forces
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