Membrane Keyboards:

    Our membrane keyboards are based on the patented “ClickTouch” technology: by means of high temperature deformation, we obtain keys with elastic spring zones and a long “travel”. The keyboards are user-friendly, reliable and have an excellent lifespan (up to 6 million impressions).

    Our technology offers various advantages over conventional membrane switches and those with metal domes. The keys are available in a wide range of designs, in various diameters (up to 35 mm) and different pressing forces. The keyboards including windows can be made interference-free by means of selective or full shielding. SMD LEDs, optical fibers and Electroluminescence can be used excellently as background lighting. In addition to our ClickTouch Dome, we also offer the usual metal domes. In certain applications, for example with high temperatures, this technology can offer advantages.

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    ClickTouch technology is used worldwide for a wide variety of applications: from high-speed trains to control systems and from consumerproducts to heavy industries