Industrial keyboards

    Industrial keyboards are high-quality “sealed” keyboards for industrial use. These are equipped with ClickTouch membrane keyboards or capacitive detection and are available with integrated trackerball or sense pad.

    In addition to a wide range of standard industrial keyboards, customization can also be provided.

    Our industrial keyboards are designed for environments where water, dust and dirt can damage the control panels.
    Optionally, we also offer different pointing devices: trackball, touchpad, mouse pointer …

    We can supply this as component or as complete solutions, including housing, cables, connectors, …

    The advantages of our industrial solutions:

    • Long life time
    • Chemically resistant
    • Custom-made or standard
    • Different connections
    • Available as component or complete panel
    • Different language versions
    • Various pointing options
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    A hygienic, waterproof keyboard? ClickTouch has the solution

    Every day millions of people around the world use keyboards both at work and in their private lives. Most of those keyboards are the conventional ones that you connect to your computer to go about your business. But what if the circumstances are a bit more demanding? What if you work in, let’s say, the food industry and you need a waterproof keyboard that is easy to clean? What if you need a hygienic, waterproof keyboard that can have any set-up you want: either the conventional qwerty or azerty set-up or a certain set of symbols? For those needs, ClickTouch is here to help.