ClickTouch Force Sensor – CFS

    The force sensors are based on a technology that converts pressure, weight and force into a measurable variable electrical resistance.

    The force sensor has a simple construction and interface and can also be used at extreme temperatures, with typical values between -40 and 100 ┬░ C. These sensors allow to define large key surfaces, very good for detection applications, as well as to combine multiple functions in one key.

    A protective plate (aluminum, glass, plexi, etc.) can be mounted on top of the sensor to make the construction vandal-resistant.

    Some advantages:

    • Metal overlay
    • Different resistance ranges
    • Freedom in design / 2- and 3-dimensional
    • Simple construction & interface
    • Vandal-resistant, reliable and robust
    • Versatile in use
    • Resistive
    • Digital or analog function

    Some typical applications:

    Seat detection, potentiometer, analog joystick, burglar alarm, control panels for white goods products, etc.