ClickTouch: your solution provider

    ClickTouch develops its products together with the customer. We will be your partner through the complete process of design, proof of concept, prototyping, manufacturing and assembly of your HMI to reach your final product.

    We are a complete solution provider by offering tailor made support (hard- & software, schematics, tips & tricks, …) and customerservice assistance on all demand. Depending on your own capabilities, time schedule and priorities we support in each phase you need us.

    Also the necessary mechanical parts, such as coverglass, displays, carier plates and mounting parts, that comes with the HMI, can be developed and delivered by ClickTouch. ClickTouch can rely on a broad network of experienced and competitive partners around the world.

    As a true pioneer in the field of capacitive detection, ClickTouch offers full support for the electronical implementation and firmware of the controller. This firmware is the key factor for a 100% well operating system.

    ClickTouch has own production plants in Europa and Asia.
    With our more than 30 years of experience we deliver a complete solution, beside the HMI-unit itself we can offer:

    • Design from the very first idea up to serial production
    • (Concept) drawings (2D en 3D)
    • PCB’s
    • Carier plates
    • TFT’s & displays
    • Coverlenses
    • Bonding, complete assembly & integration
    • Software / Firmware
    • System level design
    • Embedded control
    • Quality control by projectspecific testtools
    • Custom labelling and packaging

    “The customer chooses to what the degree ClickTouch supports”