Redundant keyboards: combining two fine ClickTouch technologies

    As you may know, membrane keyboards are one of our many strong points. Throughout the years, we have always tried to integrate various technologies into the solutions that we offer to our customers. Because we develop those technologies ourselves, that’s easier for us to do. Combining two technologies to create a redundant system is exactly what we did for a world leader in the manufacturing of mobile and tower cranes with the development of a module for a bluetooth remote control for mobile cranes.

    Creating redundant keyboards

    We cater to a wide variety of customers, from manufacturers of domestic appliances to manufacturers of heavy-duty materials and tools. Especially for the latter, the key is to ensure that what we deliver to them is capable of functioning reliably in a high-demand environment. That means we have to guarantee operational reliability, but also safety. That’s where our redundant keyboard for the client discussed above comes in. The module we deliver is a membrane keyboard equipped with our very own ClickTouch dome combined with a pressure-sensitive layer underneath, providing the redundant technology. In other words, for an action to take place, there has to be a click (through our ClickTouch dome) that is also registered through the underlayer.


    This double activation is a welcome safety feature for a device tasked with moving heavy, robust objects. Also, operating the remote control safely with gloves is perfectly possible. Indeed, our ClickTouch dome is strong enough and offers a larger amount of travel. That is especially handy because it offers improved tactile feedback even when wearing gloves. Furthermore, because our ClickTouch dome is not made from metal, it lends itself better for backlighting.

    Apart from this specific application, we have also built up extensive expertise in redundant technology for other fields. For instance, for medical procedures in which an unintentional touch must not activate the touchscreen or for military and industrial situations in which a slight, unintentional touch can have serious consequences.

    As you can see, we know our way around a membrane keyboard. Not only that, through our experience and expertise, we are capable of combining various technologies to provide a solution that fully responds to our customers’ needs. Don’t hesitate to tell us about your needs and how we can help you to fulfill them.

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