Personalised digital printing thanks to ClickTouch

    What’s the key to offering a great customer service? Surely, personalisation must be among the top answers. After all, personalising the way in which you deal with customers makes them feel more appreciated. In a world that’s becoming ever more globalised, leaving your personal mark is important to stand out. Luckily, ClickTouch can help with that as well.

    The importance of personalisation

    The perfect way to attract customers to a brand today is through personalisation. Indeed, because customer experience has become one of the foremost criteria in selecting a certain brand, it has become vitally important to understand your customer and offer them a unique experience. One way to do that is to engage in personalisation.

    At ClickTouch, we have always offered the option of printing your touchscreen with your data in screen printing. This way we were able to add data to a custom designed touchscreen with a glass or PET surface. From your logo or name to a unique slogan, there are plenty of possibilities. But now we take this one step further. We can now print additional customer information in smaller batches of your already personalized screen via digital printing in a transparent window.


    How does personalised printing work?

    As it stands, we can customize sub quantities of your production quantity for several of your customers. The possibilities of personalised touchscreen printing are endless. Just think of a manufacturer of entry control systems for apartments. It is possible to print the name of a single apartment building onto the touchscreen of the access system.

    Are you ready to add a personal touch to your next touchscreen-guided application?
    Get in touch and we’ll work out a solution tailored to your needs.

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