ClickTouch is now an Infineon Preferred Design House!

    ClickTouch has been approached by Infineon to become a preferred design house (PDH). ClickTouch is also the first PDH in Europe in the domain of “TrueTouch and PSOC”.

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    What to choose? The difference between capacitive and resistive touchscreens

    When designing a touchscreen, you have a choice between capacitive and resistive technology. Both offer advantages and limitations. We present both technologies and discuss in which situations and fields they offer you the best solution. Because the choice you make depends upon the application.

    A hygienic, waterproof keyboard? ClickTouch has the solution

    Every day millions of people around the world use keyboards both at work and in their private lives. Most of those keyboards are the conventional ones that you connect to your computer to go about your business. But what if the circumstances are a bit more demanding? What if you work in, let’s say, the food industry and you need a waterproof keyboard that is easy to clean? What if you need a hygienic, waterproof keyboard that can have any set-up you want: either the conventional qwerty or azerty set-up or a certain set of symbols? For those needs, ClickTouch is here to help.

    Customer References

    Customer feedback Prolicht AG

    “For Prolicht, Clicktouch is a long-term and superior partner who thinks along with us from the beginning of the project to the final production. The exceptional support of the entire Clicktouch team has given us new insights in the creation, design, construction and look & feel. The tailor-made Clicktouch control panel perfectly matches the high-quality finish of our architectural lighting.

    We are already looking forward to the next development together with Clicktouch!”

    Head of Electronic Development – Prolicht AG


    The fight against Corona - Covid 19

    ClickTouch supports the medical world in the fight against COVID 19 by optimally supporting our customers with their urgent requests.
    Clicktouch produces short-term membrane keyboards for theHoffrichter, which manufactures ventilators for respiratory care.


    Customer feedback Keba AG

    “Clicktouch ist für Keba immer ein Ansprechpartner wenn es darum geht, technische Gegebenheiten auszureizen um Produkte zu entwickeln, die es einerseits in dieser Form noch nicht gibt und welche für uns und unsere Kunden einen Mehrwert bringen.”

    Senior Manager Strategic Purchasing – Keba AG



    Redundant keyboards: combining two fine ClickTouch technologies

    As you may know, membrane keyboards are one of our many strong points. Throughout the years, we have always tried to integrate various technologies into the solutions that we offer to our customers. Because we develop those technologies ourselves, that’s easier for us to do. Combining two technologies is exactly what we did for a world leader in the manufacturing of mobile and tower cranes with the development of a module for a bluetooth remote control for mobile cranes.

    Reliable backlighting: Chasm helps us to bridge the gap

    For some products, backlighting can be an interesting option, be it out of necessity or simply because of aesthetics. Whatever the reason, ClickTouch can help you. Now even more reliably than before.That’s because recently, Chasm, a trusted partner of ClickTouch, developed a Carbon Nanotube ink that lends itself perfectly for backlighting touch interfaces.

    Frameless touch interface, technology hidden from sight

    Imagine a sleek, elegant surface in glass that can be used as a touch screen. No wires or electronics are visible anywhere on the screen, just the controls you want when you need them. How can this be done? Simple, just like a magician who performs a magic trick.

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