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    Enhance your industrial application with user-oriented touch technology

    Touch technology is becoming increasingly popular and prevalent in consumer experiences. Users have gotten used to fancy touch screens through their daily technological devices such as smartphones. Customer experience has become an integral part of modern culture, and industrial applications should take this into account when creating their interfaces.

    Getting it right the first time: the benefits of automated HMI tests

    When it comes to developing a HMI, getting it right the first time is essential. A reliable and effective HMI is key for ensuring that users can interact with machines safely and efficiently. Automated tests can help ensure that your HMI is operating correctly, quickly and accurately, resulting in fewer errors and improved usability.

    ClickTouch's complete solutions: the ultimate ease-of-mind experience

    Every day you are busy optimizing processes and making your projects operational. A beautiful design and a high durability are extremely important for a successful commercialization and the man-machine interface (HMI) plays an important role in this.

    Why a one-stop-shop is better in tune with your demands

    The development of a new technology is one thing. Implementing that technology in your solution a second. Having it functioning optimally a fundamental third.
    Each capacitive touch technology must be adapted to its specific installation and housing in order to function optimally according to the manufacturer’s requirements.

    UniCTouch brings new possibilities to consumer electronics

    Today, there are a few possibilities to create touch solutions in materials other than glass, but these have their limitations. Applications with mechanical switches may offer sufficient robustness, but the space for the buttons has to be milled out of metal, mechanical buttons must be implemented and a flat surface is required. UniCTouch offers a great alternative for these solutions, with more possibilities and less cost.

    The real cost of 'cheap' solutions

    At ClickTouch, we always focus on providing good value for money for our customers. With our own manufacturing facilities in the Far East and an ingenious production and development center in Gavere, Belgium, we can service our customers with both complex, fully integrated solutions as well as simpler components.

    ClickTouch: a one-stop-shop. But not just a one-stop-shop.

    The Clicktouch OSS 'One Stop Shop' solution provides a tailor-made solution. Together with the customer we look at the complete design concept.

    Personalised digital printing thanks to ClickTouch

    What’s the key to offering a great customer service? Surely, personalisation must be among the top answers. After all, personalising the way in which you deal with customers makes them feel more appreciated. In a world that’s becoming ever more globalised, leaving your personal mark is important to stand out. Luckily, ClickTouch can help with that as well.

    ClickTouch creates touch technology in metalized plastic for the automotive industry

    Not everything is what it seems. Sometimes it's just better!
    Thanks to our UniCTouch technology - a capacitive sensor can be applied to any kind of overlay material.

    ClickTouch Christmas Closing

    ClickTouch will be closed in the period from December 24, 2021 up to and including January 2, 2022.

    TwoTouch Redundant Technology making progress

    At ClickTouch, we take great pride in the innovative technologies we develop. After all, the fact that they are used in high-precision environments means that our clients are very confident about them. One of the innovations we are very excited about is our TwoTouch Technology

    What to choose? The difference between capacitive and resistive touchscreens

    When designing a touchscreen, you have a choice between capacitive and resistive technology. Both offer advantages and limitations. We present both technologies and discuss in which situations and fields they offer you the best solution. Because the choice you make depends upon the application.

    ClickTouch is now an Infineon PDH (Preferred Design House)!

    GAVERE, BELGIUM September 30, 2021 -ClickTouch, a Belgian solution provider for HMI’s and capacitive touch technology, has been approached by Infineon to become a preferred design house (PDH). ClickTouch is also the first PDH in Europe in the domain of “TrueTouch and PSOC”.

    We guarantee full functionality in all possible circumstances for your application

    Time, it’s what professional chefs must use efficiently to get their job done. To help them do that, we have developed a capacitive touchscreen solution for a client who equips professional kitchens. ClickTouch’s solution has been incorporated into an automatic pot-filler that allows chefs to fill a cooking pot with the exact amount of water desired and at the exact temperature they want.

    ClickTouch dome: guaranteed up to 6 million activations

    Imagine a membrane keyboard that would last three times longer than usual. How this could be done? By using our very own, patented ClickTouch dome instead of a conventional metal dome. Through careful development we can offer you a lifetime of over 6 million activations per key, over three times longer than a metal dome.

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