ClickTouch: constantly in evolution

    Being Constantly in Evolution is a common thread in the story of ClickTouch. It all started with a patented technology for embossing membrane keyboards in the early days and ultimately leads to pioneering in capacitive touch technology.

    ClickTouch developed and produced the first capacitive touchscreen already in 2000. Since that day we are a market-leader in customized en standard capacitive solutions.

    Our R&D-department is daily searching for optimizations and innovations, together with our customers and partners!

    • Patented solution for the embossing of membrane keyboards (1986)
    • Intoduction of resistive touchscreen (1995)
    • The first, ever designed,  capacitive touchscreen worldwide (2000)
    • The first designed translucent capacitive key (2003)
    • Set-up of an own production plant in China (2008)
    • Preferred partner for the most-known chip manafufacturers (2010)
    • Capacitive ‘metal touch’, our so called “uniCTouch” (2014)
    • Offering complete assembly & integration (2015)
    • Introducing nanotechnology (2017)
    • Launch redundant touch technology (2019)

    “We transfer customers ideas into innovative developments, that lead to unique technologies”