Double & Triple Click Touch

    In many applications it is useful to integrate additional functions into your product. Just think of controls where you need speedregulation or that have to be provided with additional safety functions.

    ClickTouch offers keyboards with double touch function. With a first normal depression, the operator activates the first circuit and associated function. When pushing harder, a second, underlying connection is made to another function, with or without the associated click. This is the combination of the clicktouch embossing technique and the force sensor (CFS).

    It’s even possible to add an extra functionally: triple touch!
    By adding a metal dome we even extend the option to offer 3 different key levels, different stack-ups with their own functions are possible. A first soft Clicktouch dome makes the operator aware of the fact that he has launched a first action. The pressure sensor detects the operating range control speed and finally a metal dome can indicate the end of the range. Another options is to use the double click with the force sensing below to make it redundant.

    The possibilities are endless. Different functions with the same key: smart, accurate and safe!


    More info?

    Check the possibilities of the ClickTouch redundant dome