Safety above all


    When you are working in challenging and demanding circumstances, you need to be able to fully rely on the products and the technology that you use. This technology, in turn, needs to offer you the safety features that are needed because, otherwise, an unintended action could have far stretching consequences. ClickTouch can offer you these safety features, ready to be implemented into vital technology.

    TwoTouch Redundant Technology

    Capacitive touchscreens are already well embedded in industrial and medical fields as they have greatly facilitated the work in these fields. However, these capacitive touchscreens have 1 important disadvantage: an unintentional activation of the touchscreen may occur because of minimal, unwanted pressure, heavy fluctuations in temperature or close proximity of a conductive object. This unintentional activation could potentially have grave consequences.

    A solution to this problem comes in the form of ClickTouch’s TwoTouch Redundant Technology. Basically, a second resistive touchscreen is added underneath a conventional capacitive touchscreen. In order for an action to be undertaken, a touch has to be registered both by the two screens separately as well as verified by both of them combined. In other words, only activations that are intentional will be registered.

    When you need safety, precision and operational reliability


    As said earlier, this specific technology was designed for demanding, high-pressure circumstances. Think of medical procedures in which a drop of blood must not activate the screen, military and industrial situations in which a slight, unintentional touch can have grave consequences. Also, in fields such as the transportation industry, the development of payment terminals and situations with greatly fluctuating temperatures or degrees of humidity.

    Aside from providing a built-in safety feature, devices running on TwoTouch Redundant Technology offer the added advantage of operational reliability. If one screen were broken, the system would still be operational through the other screen. As a final advantage, the two-screen design makes it possible to navigate towards a desired point on the screen and activate the option by simply pushing it. This final feature is especially convenient in high-precision situations in which lasers are being operated. A surgeon, for example, can navigate the laser towards the desired point and then activate it by simply pushing the screen.


    Safety, reliability and precision are three key features of any device tasked to operate in challenging situations. ClickTouch’s innovative TwoTouch Redundant Technology offers any operator those three features and with them, the reassurance that they can fully rely on their device and focus on the task at hand.

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