Standard Capacitive Touchscreen

With our 30 years of experience of our electronic input devices in the industrial market, we sensed the need to develop our capacitive technology further, to adapt this also to industrial needs and to ease access to this technology and shorten time to market.

Therefore Clicktouch introduces Standard Capacitive touchscreen with additional components.





The Clicktouch standard solution is a complete working package:

  • Overlay (Glas, PMMA, Polykarbonat und Kunststoffe)
  • ITO-Schicht (3,5″ bis 65″)
  • Clicktouch-controller
  • HEX-Dateien

Clicktouch offers 2 technologies: self capacitance and mutual capacitance. The touchscreens support multi-gesture detection (multi-touch movement), which means that rotating, zoom in and out and sliding all become child’s play with a fast response time.








What’s typical for the Standard Clicktouch Industrial Capacitive Touchscreens?


  • Different standard sizes based on the most popular LCD’s
  • Suitable for industrial environments Very robust – Thick overlay (Glass, PMMA, Polycarbonate, …)
  • Waterproof
  • Vandal resistant
  • Work with thin/thick gloves
  • Self-regulating Auto tuning
  • Auto threshold
  • Very qualified
  • A guaranteed solution
  • Simple model/ assembly/installation
  • No minimum quantity
  • No development cost
  • Tested firmware for free



Besides custom-made products (we can also offer customer-focused solutions, e.g. with additional keys or other formats), Clicktouch also offers in-between solutions. Customer can have some parts removed out of the package.

Flexibility is the key at Clicktouch!

Click here to find the standard list of Clicktouch standard capacitive touchscreens on foil or on glass.



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