UniCTouch has, as compared with similar technologies such as

Piezo and inductive sensors, fewer restrictions and offers more features


What is UniCTouch

UniCTouch or “Universal Capacitive Touch” stands for a capacitive operation through all conceivable types of overlay (top layer): metal, stainless steel, special steel with glass, PCB, wood, even gold! The name ”universal capacitive touch” indicates that the customer has design freedom for bringing a highly innovative product to the market!


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Why choose for UniCTouch               

  • ŸCapacitive sensing on every kind of material: metal, stainless steel, wood, plastics, …
  • ŸEasy mounting & electronics
  • ŸEasy to clean
  • ŸSealed user interface
  • ŸWaterproof
  • ŸWear resistance
  • ŸReliable & durable
  • ŸInnovative design and detection (Anti-vandal)
  • ŸStylish look
  • ŸCost-effective solution
  • Ÿ…….


Benefits of UniCTouch

  • UniCTouch is not limited to button detection
  • UniCTouch has a slider detection
  • UniCTouch has a wheel detection
  • UniCTouch has a button detection
  • Combination of different detections possible within 1 layer
  • Active area is not restricted to a certain dimension


The flexibility in design, simple software and smart construction make UniCTouch highly competitive!

UniCTouch applications 

  • Industrial applications
  • Portable applications
  • Kitchen applications
  • Home automation
  • Parking systems
  • Coffee machines
  • Mobile phones
  • Entrance systems
  • Elevators



Demoboard uniCTouch



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