ClickTouch distributes their products all over the world through direct sales or distributors. We have local sales people who serve the European market.

We have local salesmen in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, so we can offer our European customers fast and personal services. Apart from this, we also have a representative who operates in all the other countries, to provide our customers, services efficiently.

Clicktouch sales organization Europe:

Countries with local salesmen

Belgium: Gavere (Headquarters)
-Nettetal (Middle & North Germany)
-Göppingen (South Germany)
The Netherlands: Sommer benelux
Other countries
Support through our Head Office by our International Sales Manager

Our Products

Membrane Switches

  Our membrane keyboards are based on the certified ‘Clicktouch’ technology: through a high temperature transformation we obtain keys with elastic spring zones and a long ...

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Innovative Detection

Clicktouch brings you innovative solutions with products such as Capacitive technology (CTS) as well custom-made as standard, uniCTouch,...

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Resistive & Capacitive Touchscreens

The capacitive touchscreens has found their way to the general public, the technique is gradually being applied more widely. From navigation systems to applications for the medical...

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