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ClickTouch america

Founded in 2003, by its current president Robert DeRepentigny, Clicktouch America is today one of the pioneer companies specialized in the manufacture of Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) in Canada.

Clicktouch America is distinguished from its competitors by its state of the art technology, operational flexibility and its personalized service.

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Cypress Semiconductors:

Sommer Gmbh: Sommer Gmbh

Our Products

Membrane Switches

  Our membrane keyboards are based on the certified ‘Clicktouch’ technology: through a high temperature transformation we obtain keys with elastic spring zones and a long ...

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Innovative Detection

Clicktouch brings you innovative solutions with products such as Capacitive technology (CTS) as well custom-made as standard, uniCTouch,...

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Resistive & Capacitive Touchscreens

The capacitive touchscreens has found their way to the general public, the technique is gradually being applied more widely. From navigation systems to applications for the medical...

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