Capacitive Keys

Capacitive Touch Sensing technology creates the most amazing controlling devices you have ever seen.
It will turn every interface into a control panel that you can activate with a touch or hand movement.

Possibilities of our capacitive systems

  • Single electrodes
  • Matrix keys
  • Slider and Wheel functions
  • Silver or ITO version


The possibilities:



The intention of a capacitive button is to replace a mechanical key or a membrane keyboard. You don’t have to touch the buttons anymore; by proximity you can as well activate the key. This technology can for instance, give your product a bright look.


A slider is called into being for controls requiring gradual adjustments. Examples are a lighting control, volume control, graphic equalizer and speed control. These sensors are mechanically adjacent to one another. A slider has a starting- and endpoint and is mostly a straight line.


A wheel has the same function of a slider but hasn’t a physical starting- and finishing point. A user can rotate endlessly, moreover by software an endpoint can be integrated.

In the past years Clicktouch realised already several hundred projects in several markets for prestigious customers: white goods, home automation, automotive, medical, fitness, consumer, vending, military & defence, agriculture, etc.


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