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Since 1986

Clicktouch mainly offer complete solutions, from outline to end product. In order to create integrated solutions we can deliver the following products:

Membrane keyboards, resistive and capacitive touchscreens, capacitive keys and other capacitive solutions. We also offer related products and services such as support plates, glass, backlighting …

Our products offer a broad spectrum of solutions.


News & Events

18July 2016

We are on Summer Holiday in week 29 and 30:  from 18th  till 29th of July...

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HOTin 2016

UniCTouch: Universal Capacitive Touch Be amazed by the technology of ClickTouch. A capacitive touch through any possible material: Stainless steel, metal, wood, plastics, …....

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Our Products

Membrane Switches

Our membrane keyboards are based on the certified ‘Clicktouch’ technology: through a high temperature transformation we obtain keys with elastic spring zones and a long ‘tra...

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Innovative Detection

Clicktouch brings you innovative solutions with products such as Capacitive technology (CTS) as well custom-made as standard, uniCTouch,...

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Resistive & Capacitive Touchscreens

The capacitive touchscreens has found their way to the general public, the technique is gradually being applied more widely. From navigation systems to applications for the medica...

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